Purple Velvet Cameo Bookmark


This elegant bookmark is handmade using purple velvet, Swarovski crystal beads, and metal charms. Including the charms, the bookmark measures 13.5 inches, perfect for any sized book. The use of velvet as the main component keeps the bookmark in place while the book is closed. This unique bookmark gives off a steampunk vibe with the victorian cameo and the metal components.

I’m not going to lie and say that the idea of making velvet bookmarks is an original idea. One day I got lost on Pinterest and came across the idea for these. Seeing the post make me realize that I currently possess all of the items needed to make these bookmarks. I ended up accumulating various pendants and beads when I made jewelry in high school. I had obtained the velvet and brackets to make choker necklaces, before I realized I don’t like tight necklaces.

I did not make the bookmark just because of the availability of all the items, but also because I love books. I have an extensive collection of more than 400 books in my bedroom. Usually I use scraps of paper to mark my page, and then end up losing my page because the paper fell out or it was inadvertently pulled out. Using these velvet bookmarks, reduces the risk of accidental lost pages. The friction of the velvet between the closed pages keeps it in place. Also the weight of the charms on both top and bottom balance the bookmark out as well.

Shannon Buchanan's Trinkets and Décor


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